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Paginile 32-40

The two children are at the farm. They want to help at the farm. They like to work there.

Here they are with the horses.

Jane likes her little horse. She gives it an apple. She wants to keep her little horse.

Peter has a big horse. "I want to get on my horse, Jane," he says. "Help me up, please."

Jane helps Peter to get on his big horse. "There you are." she says. "Away you go."

"Thank you," says Peter. "Thank you, Jane."

Then Jane gets on her little horse.

"Away I go, on my horse," she says.

The two children go off to work on the farm.

"Let us help with the cows," says Peter.

"Yes," says Jane, "we will help with the cows."

"Let us help the man milk the cows," says Jane. "Will he let us help him milk?" she says.

"Yes," says Peter. "he likes us to help him with his work."

"Can we help you?" says Peter.

"Thank you," says the man. "Yes, please. You two can help me with the milk. Put the horses away. Come in and help me with the cows."

The two children play at home.

"What will you do?" says Peter.

"I will make a toy farm," Jane says. "What will you do Peter?"

"I want to help you make the farm," he says.

"Thank you," says Jane.

"The farm house was there," she says. "Here is the big horse and my little horse. Let the man milk his cows. Keep the dog away. Put him with the horses."

Jane likes cats. She has a little cat.

"What do you want?" she says to her cat. "Do you want some milk?"

"The cows on the farm give good milk," says Jane. "I will give him some."

Peter comes in with his big rabbit. "What is that, Jane?" he says. "Is it milk? Give some to my rabbit, please."

"Thank you," he says. "Keep the cat away."

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