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Paginile 12-20

Daddy lets the children have a house in a tree. He draws the house, and helps the children to make it.

"It will be a good house," says Peter. "It will be a good house for us to play in."

"Yes," says Jane, "it will be fun to play in it. Look, Pat wants to come up with us."

The children are in the house in the tree. The dog is with the children.

"Let us have tea here," says Jane. "That will be fun," she says.

"Yes," says Peter, "you make the tea. I will draw. I will draw some flowers."

"Yes, I will get the tea," says Jane. "I like to get the tea."

The children are on the bus. Pat is with the children. He wants to jump up with Jane.

"No," says Jane to the dog. "Get off, Pat. Get off. Be a good dog."

"Look," says Peter. "There go the Police. There is a Police car. Can you see, Jane? There they go."

"Yes," says Jane, "here are the shops. Let us get off here."

The children get off the bus, then they go off to the shops.

"Let us shop for Mummy, then we can look at the sweets and toys," says Jane. "There is the fish shop," she says. "We have to get fish."

"Yes," says Peter. "You get the fish. I will get apples and cakes."

The children go into the shops.

The children are at home. They make a shop. "I will be the man in the shop," says Peter.

"Then let me be Mummy," Jane says. "I want some things for the house," she says, "and then I want some things for tea. Give me some flowers, please, and I want some apples."

Peter puts in the flowers and the apples. "There you are," he says.

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